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Revitant | LaserWar Weapons and Tactics is a company founded with the idea of entertainment and recreation for all fans of extreme sports, adrenaline, weapons, police and military in a fun but safe way. We bring a new MILSIM experience!

For MILSIM games we use brand new technology and equipment of latest generation. It is LaserWar equipment that has been available only to members of the police and army, mainly for tactical exercises by the world's elite units. The USA Seal Team, the Britain’s SAS, the Russian SPECNAZ and Serbia’s SOKOLOVI use exact same equipment for their exercises and simulations. The popular label "MILSIM", which stands for "military simulation", confirms that it is ideal for war simulations and realistic combat experience. LaserWar equipment is a professional prop for training tactical and military situations. A complex system of weapons, techniques and accessories, together make the perfect combination for an ultra-realistic and modern experience for every player. Above all, it is an extremely advanced technology that allows all conditions of a real war.

We have weapons and equipment that have the highest degree of identity compared to real models of weapons. In terms of appearance, weight, material, feel in the hands of each rifle is like the original. Each weapon is made of a metal and polymer and weighs from 2 to 6 kg. The weapon has a built-in device that mimics jerk and an ultra-loud speaker that delivers very convincing sound. Some models also have professional optical systems. There are, also imitations of a sound when exiting a bullet from a pipe. That way, if you play in dark terrain you will certainly be able to notice where the shot is coming from. In our arsenal of weapons, we have everything from sniper rifles, automatic and semi-automatic rifles, pistols and LaserWar knives for close combat, as well as LaserWar grenades, portable bombs with timers and special medics and other kits that are important to every MILSIM scenario. Nothing is more realistic than LaserWar!

Weapons makes long-range infrared rays that hit other users. The range of IF rays depends on the weapon model, moving up to an incredible 500 meters. Infrared rays are very easy to transmit in all terrains. The only thing that can get in the way of if rays is, of course, a solid obstacle, but they are transmitted in dense forest through leaves, bushes and shrubs. Each player also has special sensors that collect infrared rays that detects a hit. It is a well calibrated equipment with high level of precision, so the player has to use all skills in order to make the hit successful. In LaserWar, the trajectory of the bullet, or in this case, the infrared rays, is perpendicular with a certain degree of dispersion. This means that the bullet will hit wherever you are aiming, and the harder it will be to hit the target. Infrared rays allow them to reach their target very quickly like a real bullet. This means having the same effect and speed of a shot as firing a real weapon. Combining these characteristics, speed and precision we get very realistic conditions, but also extremely difficult to survive. Such reality, very similar to a real war combat, are the reason why adrenaline is at its maximum and the reason why we do not use the AirSoft model of MILSIM. LaserWar MILSIM brings new features and a far more realistic story than the AirSoft and Paintball.

The main goal of LaserWar equipment is based on an electronically connected system that allows players to focus on a play. Electronics keeps a close eye on the rules and makes LaserWar the first in fairplay combat.

More about LaserWar equipment you can find on our official website: For any additional information and to schedule a MILSIM game or to register for the MILSIM event, please call us on +381 63 / 539-437 or via mail Follow us on social networks too (Instagram & Facebook)

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If you want to try out the role of a soldier or a specialist, and at the same time to play and have fun with your friends, then MILSIM is the right choice for you. We create tactical and military simulations for fun and recreation on a higher level! Are you ready?


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